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Thursday, November 10, 2016   /   by Danielle Mercer

Charleston Real Estate Market Update for October 2016

Charleston Real Estate Market Update for October 2016

 By Jeff Cook | November 10th, 2016

According to the data released today, the Charleston real estate market is holding steady in the last quarter of 2016. Other than the change of another month and year, little else is changed in residential real estate both nationally and locally. Here at Jeff Cook Real Estate we will sell over 700 homes this year while still being able to earn 98% of asking price on average for our clients. Let's take a look at the real estate statistics for October 2016 to see how we are able to accomplish this. 

Bottom Line
In October we had 7.3% more sales pending than this time last year. That's a good growth. However, there has been a 1.2% decrease of listings on the market than this time last year. Median sales prices are up 6.7% from last year showing that we remained in a seller's market going heading tow; ...

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Friday, October 24, 2014   /   by Christina Smith

Rates, Predictability Make Buying a Charleston, SC Home Logical

Despite what just feels like the right answer, buying a home in Charleston, SC can be significantly cheaper than renting one. It’s one of those rare cases where, if you stop and make common sense judgments about the factors at play, the ‘just feels like’ conclusion is the opposite of the one common sense leads you to. Much of the reason has to do with short-term versus long-term considerations (buying a home starts with paying a sizeable down payment, after all); but over the long haul, the amount of cash at stake is so great it’s worth taking a hard look at this fundamental housing choice.
Four leading factors that currently come into play:
·       Increased Demand Has Made Rentals More Expensive
After the subprime mortgage mess-between 2007 and 2013—something like 6,200,000 people were added to the number of tenants. That boost created enough extra demand for rental units that owners had no trouble ; ...

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014   /   by Christina Smith

Extra Tricks Charleston, SC Staging Pros Have Up Their Sleeves

A recent Zillow survey again confirmed that extensive renovations are usually not the shortest path to a sale. Across the board, experts agree: it’s still curb appeal and home staging—staging that highlight’s a home’s best features while downplaying its flaws—that often prove most effective.
So, after your Charleston area house smells like fresh-baked cookies and your walls have been freed from family photos and a roaring fire has made the living room warm and inviting...what if those basic staging moves still haven’t produced the offers you know your home deserves?

Charleston staging pros have a lot more tricks up their sleeves. Here are three:
1. Hide Your Demographic
Maybe you’re the parent of four, so your house is full of kids’ bedrooms, toys and playrooms. Perhaps you’re selling a home or bachelor pad with minimal decor and lots of high-tech devices. Maybe you’re putting that empty nest on the marke; ...

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Friday, October 10, 2014   /   by Christina Smith

Former Smoker? A Quick Guide on Getting Rid of Smoke Smells and Paint Stains Before a Charleston, SC Home Sale

As exciting as selling your Charleston area home should be, there's no denying that it can be a stressful endeavor for those interested in making their home an attractive option for buyers. Nowhere is this more evident than for homeowners who were former smokers. While it's truly commendable to quit smoking, removing the smell of smoke from a home can feel like an impossible task. With that in mind, here are some of the most effective ways to make smoke smell and paint stain removal as effortless as possible.

Make Preparations Beforehand

Cigarette smoke has a nasty habit of trapping itself into virtually every facet of a home. As such, it can be difficult to pinpoint the areas that are most problematic. Before starting the cleaning process, open all of the doors and windows throughout the home to help it air out naturally.

It's also worth mentioning that many longtime smokers have difficulty picking up the odor that they've become accustomed to. If you know someone that ; ...

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Thursday, October 9, 2014   /   by Christina Smith

Lowballing 101: How to Avoid Insulting a Charleston, SC Home Seller when Making a Low Offer for Their House or Condo

Buying a Charleston area home is a huge step for people who are ready to make an investment in their future. Getting a great deal on a home is just as important and knowing how much to offer could be confusing. It is important to make sure the home seller is not insulted by the lowball offer and is ready to negotiate to make sure everyone wins.

Make a List of Necessary Improvements
One of the best ways to validate a lowball offer on a home is to list improvements that need to be made to the property. If the home needs a new roof or a new heating and air conditioning system, these are reasons to offer less than the asking price. Sometimes a home may also need new flooring, paint, or matching appliances which all cost money. The buyer can make a lowball offer stating additional expenses of making sure the home is move in ready.
                                            &; ...

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